Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be the Human Biology Club of Michigan State University, hereafter referred to as HBC.

Article II: Purpose

Section 1: To promote volunteerism by coupling community service with academic enhancement.

Section 2: To ensure student success through educational programming and the members mutual support.

Section 3: To provide opportunities for enhancements towards a successful career after graduation.

Section 4: To positively represent the Human Biology major at meetings and University sponsored events.

Section 5: To have fun.

Article III: Membership

Section 1: In accordance with the University’s Anti-Discrimination Policy, membership in HBC shall not be determined on the basis of race, creed, ethnic origin, sex, age, political persuasion, sexual orientation, handicapper status or marital status.

Section 2: To become a member, students must pay $15.00 per semester or $20.00 per year to help cover necessary costs for HBC.

Section 3: To remain in good standing, members must attend half of all scheduled meetings, attend two volunteer events and obey the rules of the group as written in the Constitution.  

Section 4: Executive Board members can miss no more than two general meetings and no more than two Executive Board meetings per semester to remain in good standing.

Article IV: Executive Board

Section 1: The Executive board shall consist of the following positions:

  • President

  • Vice President of Career and Academic

  • Director of Volunteering

  • Social Chair

  • Secretary + Technology Coordinator

  • Treasurer

  • Director of Public Relations

Section 2: The responsibilities of the Executive Board shall include:

  1. Officers must be members in good standing of the organization.

  2. Attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the Executive Board and General Assembly.

    1. No more than two general meetings and no more than two Executive Board meetings can be missed per semester.​

  3. Attend at least one volunteer event per semester

  4. Maintain regular communications with the President, Advisor and other members of the Executive Board as necessary.

  5. Uphold the constitution of HBC.

Section 3: Presidential Duties

The President is responsible for the overall well-being of the club and its members, keeping the interest of the clubs members as a main priority. He/she schedules meetings, prepares agendas, and runs General Assembly and Executive Board meetings. In a conflict of interest, the President makes the final decision. It is his/her responsibility to oversee all other Executive Board positions, to make sure every task is done in a timely manner, and to meet with the club advisors at least every other week, in an effort to best manage the club. Should the president ever be absent from any club meetings, the Vice President of Career and Academic should assume the role of the president by coordinating the meetings and performing the usual administrative tasks of the president.

Section 4: DIRECTOR of Volunteering Duties

The Vice President of Volunteer is responsible for finding a variety of community volunteer activities amounting to at least one or two per month. This involves being the point of contact for the event, recruitment of member participation, and arranging for special needs, such as transportation. The Vice President of Volunteer should also assign priority to paid and active members when registering

 or volunteer events, taking things into consideration such as membership payments, attendance records, etc.

Section 5: Social Chair Duties

The Social Chair is responsible for coordinating at least one social event per semester, to facilitate in the building of group solidarity. The Social Chair will also assist in creating fundraising events to increase club revenue and will initiate collaborative opportunities for club members.

Section 6: Vice president of Career and Academic

The Vice President of Career and Academic is responsible for coordinating HBC meetings that are educational, as well as promoting career awareness and advancement. This includes scheduling topics and speakers that will present poignant information to the club. It is also the responsibility of the Vice President of Career and Academic to purchase “Thank You” cards for the guest speakers at the bi-weekly meetings as well as ensure that all E-board members sign the cards.

Section 7: Secretary / technology coordinator Duties

The Technology Coordinator / Secretary is a dual position. This individual is responsible for the upkeep of the HBC website. The website must be kept up to date with the General Assembly meetings an topics, along with volunteer event dates and times. Reminders are sent to the General Assembly through the HBC email account by this position before each meeting. He/she is also responsible for taking notes during meetings and posting them to the club website, maintaining member attendance and personal records, and sending emails out to members.

Section 8: Treasurer Duties

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the financial account of HBC through the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union and to report the financial status to the Executive Board. This position will receive and process all membership fees and will organize HBC fundraisers as needed.

Section 10: director of public Relations Duties

The Public Relations position is responsible for advertising HBC to the campus community and connecting with students, both inside and outside of the club, to ensure that the club is being tailored to best fit the needs of the students. This includes new innovative methods, as well as designing and distributing biweekly flyers around campus before meetings, and maintaining and updating social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) This position includes leading in outreach programs, such as Sparticipation and Painting the Rock. The Public Relations Chair is also responsible for forming a Public Relations committee.

Article V: Appointment of Officers

Section 1: Officers for the Executive Board are chosen through a process led by the current Executive Board. Current Officers have the options of staying in their position for as long as they are members in good standing and current MSU students. When an Officer does decide to vacate their position, that position is first opened up to the current Executive Board, allowing for anyone to express an interest in changing positions. If there is more than one current Officer interested in a particular position, the Executive Board will vote to determine who will assume the Office.

Section 2: Executive Board members that are not considered in good standing due to low attendance or not meeting the requirements of their position are not guaranteed a position on the Executive Board for the following term. Executive Board members will collectively decide if the board member is fit to continue in their current role or in any other Executive Board position.

Section 3: Any positions left vacant are then available for general assembly members to apply for. Their applications are reviewed and voted on by the current Executive Board to determine who will assume the Office.

Article VI: Meetings

Section 1: There shall be one General Assembly meeting every other week unless otherwise declared by the Executive Board.

Section 2: There shall be one Executive Board meeting every other week, in addition to the General Assembly meeting. 

Section 3: The General Assembly meetings and the Executive Board meetings shall reside on opposite weeks.

Article VII: AmendmentS

A majority vote by executive board members is required to override and/or amend any previously stated articles in the Constitution. The club advisor may also make amendments to the constitution at the end of each academic term.